About us

My love for butterflies and insects originated from when my children were young. Countless stories were told to our son and daughter on how we, at their age, would run in the fields with our net at hand trying to catch beautiful butterflies. This was a beginning of many family adventures and excursions. Throughout these memorable adventures, I recall how we were always amazed at all of the wonderful insects that existed. We soon came to realize that nature had more to offer than just butterflies. This, soon after, developed into a passion for the various species. Since 1994, I have been collecting a variety of insects and butterflies.

This passion impelled me to want to learn more about these insects. I began to research and study them vigorously. I would consult with my friend who is a professional entomologist when I had questions. My joy in discovering nature’s beauty inspired me to want to share it with everyone. This is when I decided to open my business located in Canada which has now been in existence since the year 2000 .

To this day my children and I, along with my grand-children, are still actively chasing butterflies and insects. The legacy goes on.

I hope that you will share in my passion and I encourage you to look very closely at the variety of butterflies and insects that I have to offer you along with Mother Nature. Thank you.



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